Night harvest of all varieties except Grenache and Muscat of Alexandria.

Grapes are harvested at night due to the low temperatures. In this way, the grapes reach the winery at a temperature of approximately 9ºC. In the case of grapes harvested by day, they can reach temperatures of between 22-30ºC. In this way we save energy and slow down the enzymatic processes.

Use of peristaltic pump: Use of the peristaltic pump ensures that the grapes are processed very gently, without crushing or breaking them.

Fermentation tank in the shape of a truncated cone: The truncated cone shape of the tanks makes it easier to handle the cap (the solid parts in suspension left floating on the surface of the must).

Vertical hydraulic presses: This type of press, like those used in the past, does not break or crush the grape skin, obtaining a pressed wine of extremely high quality. However, production is much lower than in other types of press, and much more work is required. These presses are equipped with a computer to control time and pressure.

Testing tanks: used to study experiments carried out in the field. So, we carry out micro-winemaking using different clones, varieties, and growing techniques.

  • Controlled temperature 16-18 ºC
  • Ageing in metal cages with 588 bottles / cage
  • Bottle ageing area: 700 m2

  • Traceability in all processes
  • Bottling and automatic labelling train (2,500 bottles/hour)
  • Packager and bottler registration number: 50/42672
  • Bottling room: 255 m2
  • Storage area for auxiliary materials: 500 m2

  • Stainless steel grape reception train for harvesting
  • 2 hydraulic presses
  • Stainless steel tank
  • 32 x 22 m3 truncated-cone tanks
  • 1 x 40 m3 cylindrical tank for mixtures
  • 4 x 10 m3 always-full tanks for testing
  • 4 x 5 m3 always-full tanks for testing
  • 7 concrete tanks lined with epoxy resin
  • Wine making area: 1,250 m2
  • Testing area: 205 m2
  • Tests with wood of various origins: Romanian, Russian, and Hungarian
  • Tests with casks of different sizes: 225, 300, and 500 litres
  • French and American oak casks
  • Temperature and humidity control: to prevent significant evaporation loss, as well as the appearance of mildew due to an excessively humid environment
  • Ageing area: 720 m2
  • 15-18 ºC and 65-85% HR