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Cariñena Designation of Origin. 45 km south of Zaragoza, Autonomous Community of Aragón.

Founded in 1932, this is the oldest designation of origin in Aragón, and one of the oldest in Spain, together with La Rioja and Jerez.  More than 75 years growing vines and making wine, with quality as our sole premise.

Production area: 16,000 hectares.

In Roman times, in the 3rd century before Christ, Care, the original name of today’s Cariñena, was outstanding for its wine production.  This is a designation of origin characterised by specialisation, generation after generation, in vine growing and wine making.

Physical and geographical characteristics:

  • Vineyards at a height between 900 and 500 m above sea level.
  • Between 2,000 and 2,800 hours of sunlight yield ripe fruit full of intense aroma.
  • Climate: Continental-Mediterranean.
  • Cierzo wind. Constant cold, dry wind from the north. This wind contributes to the dry climate.
  • Strong contrast between day and night-time temperatures: 10º C difference.
  • Stony, unproductive soil.
  • Little rainfall: 350 to 450 mm.