Belchite, a setting for novels

Pueblo viejo de Belchite

44 km from Bodegas Care.

Some of the most unusual, evocative ruins anywhere in Spain can be found near the municipality of Belchite, the centre of the Campo de Belchite county.  These are the remains of the old town, which was destroyed in the devastating Battle of Belchite during the Spanish Civil War and finally abandoned in the sixties, when the new town was built.

What was formerly one of the most beautiful villages in Aragón is now just the skeleton of an urban infrastructure, although some beautiful landmarks still stand, such as the Main Street, the Saint Augustine convent, the Clock Tower, the Town’s Arches and the San Roque Arches, and the Church of St Martin of Tours, among others.

This town inspired British writer Ken Follett to write The Winter of the World, a novel that partly narrates the Spanish Civil War, recreating the ferocious battle that took place here.

The new town has good services and local products such as quality olives and olive oil can be found. To find more about this agricultural tradition and the production processes, you are recommended to visit the Molino Alfonso olive mill, near the old town, which has been in operation uninterruptedly since 1907.

95% of the olives crushed in the Molino Alfonso mill are of the empeltre variety, from olive trees hundreds of years old, as well as new plantations, in the Campo de Belchite area.  It has a wide range of oils and olive oil-based cosmetic products.  It is now concentrating on designing limited-edition extra virgin olive oils with specific properties, applying the expertise acquired during these years.

Nature lovers will be interested in the Moorland Interpretation Centre and the Ethnological Museum, where they can learn about the unusual features of the beautiful local moors, such as the “La Lomaza” Wildlife Shelter and the Planerón Bird Shelter. Thrill-seekers can go caving in the Cueva de los Encantados (the Cave of the Bewitched), 112 m deep.

Campo de Belchite County
RONDA ZARAGOZA s/n, Belchite · 50130 Zaragoza – Spain
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Almazara Molino Alfonso
Dirección: Ctra. Cariñena, s/n .
Belchite (Zaragoza) – Spain  50130
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