Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals and Seal of Approval – all wines entered are tasted by the judges as well as by the Chairman and Co-chairman to ensure that no wine is overlooked or unfairly assessed. For a wine to win a Gold Medal the wine must reach a score of at least 18.5 out of 20; for a Silver Medal the score is between 17 and 18.4, for Bronze 15.5 to 16.9. Seal of Approval is an award below Bronze Medal but recognises regional style and drinkability. These wines reach a score of between 14.5 and 15.4.


Care Finca Bancales 2009, Japan Internacional Wine ChallengeCare Roble, Japan Internacional Wine ChallengeCrianza 2007, Japan Internacional Wine Challenge






The awards for Care are:
Silver Medal – Finca Bancales 2009.
Bronze Medal – Tinto Roble y Tinto Joven.
Seal of approval – Crianza.