The Care Experience

Bodegas Care

Bodegas Care gives you the chance to plunge into tradition, innovation, and the secrets of the wine world, all in one place. At the heart of Carae, the Celtiberian region whose inhabitants were already drinking honey mixed with wine and where one of the oldest designations of origin in Spain was created, you can spend a whole day experiencing our wine.

In a natural, traditional environment, you can find out more about one of the best, most innovative wineries in all Aragón, discovering the peculiarities of the land, the unusual characteristics of the vines, and the entire production process for the different types of wine – rosé, red, and white – from the time the grapes are brought into the winery until the wine is ready to be marketed.

The tour goes from the grape reception trains, which bring the fruit in during the harvest, through the hydraulic presses and deposits to the cask room, where the wine rests until it reaches the best age for drinking.  At the end of the route, visitors reach one of the great secrets of the winery, a striking room – the niche room – where wine ages in bottles in an underground area where there are no temperature changes that can affect it.  And this timeless atmosphere pervades a winery with the latest technology.

The tour ends with a delicious wine and food tasting in the restaurant hall – pairings intended to surprise the most discerning palates. Mouth-watering snacks paired with the various Care wines.

The experience doesn’t end there.  The Care Restaurant gives you the opportunity to continue your enjoyment of wine and high-class cuisine, serving dishes including wine as one of the main ingredients. Delicious menus to enjoy in a restaurant where the smallest details have been cared for: an elegant, luminous, minimalist space overlooking the vineyards.

You will also find the shop, where you can buy all our wines at affordable prices, as well as special Care wine packages and different original products bearing our distinctive trademark.

If you come at harvest time, you will be able to visit the vines and learn about vine growing and grape harvesting on the ground, having an original, fun learning experience in the countryside. You can visit Bodegas Care with your family, as we have a playroom where children can enjoy themselves playing with Care toys.

For bookings or for further information on visits:

Tfno: (+34) 876 707 042 // 667 732 980